Do you or your child want to learn to code in a one-on-one, custom paced tutorial? I’m offering remote tutorials for beginner and intermediate students (ages 10 through adult)! These tutorials can follow the track of the Holyoke Codes Python classes, or we can approach it more free-form, focusing on the skills you want to learn or the projects you want to create.


  • Python basics
  • control structures
  • data structures
  • text file processing
  • servers & clients (flask)
  • object-oriented programming
  • graphics (
  • exception handling and debugging
  • data processing (numpy, pandas, matplotlib)
  • and more!

Web development:

  • HTML basics, formatting, design
  • CSS, inline & linked
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress

Visual programming:

  • p5.js (JavaScript syntax)
  • (Python syntax)
  • digital color: RGB, hex, CMYK, and others

Other languages:

  • SQL basics
  • Java basics

Meta skills:

  • algorithms
  • program planning & pseudocode
  • debugging

I have several exercises, games, and projects already designed to practice certain skills, but we can also work backwards from a project or game idea to build the skills necessary to make it happen!

In my experience, an hour and a half is the ideal length for a session—long enough to make progress and short enough to avoid overwhelm. I offer 1.5-hour sessions on a sliding scale from $45-65. (If you’d like to do a group tutorial or a different length of time, we can discuss pricing for that.) If that cost is prohibitive for you, check out the Holyoke Codes Python intensives, which are offered at $45 for two 3-hour sessions.

January–May 2021 availability: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 3:30pm-8pm; Fridays 10am-3:30pm; other times also possible, please reach out!

Email me at for more information.