Welcome to the course page for the Python classes I teach for Holyoke Codes: Python I, II, and III, Python for Data, and Python camps. You’ll find links to lessons and other resources here.

Note: Python Camp typically covers material from Python I and II.

This page is under construction. Python I materials are complete, but others are not.

Python I

Getting Started

Control Structures

Data Structures


Python II

Python I Review

Programming Toolkit


  • Making Connections: Servers & Clients
  • Why did the chicken cross the road?

Object-Oriented Programming

  • A Roll of the Dice: Introduction to Classes
  • Things Are Shaping Up: Visual Programming with Processing
  • I Can See (the Dice) Clearly Now: The Die Class Revisited

Python III

Coming soon-ish!

Python for Data

Coming soon-ish!

Out of Sequence

These exercises are not part of the Python class sequence, but are good for extra practice. Noted in parentheses after the name and link are the main concepts addressed in the project.

Mad Libs Remix (lists, strings)


There are a number of links to Python learning tools, reference guides, and more on my programming resources page. I especially recommend w3schools for code reference and (interactive!) examples, as well as tutorials.