Your final project is to create a webpage using the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript techniques we have learned this block. The project is due on the last day of class, Thursday, Mar. 25; you will have some class time to work on it, but you are also expected to work on it on your own time.

The webpage can be on any topic you like, but choose a theme/topic, don’t just go completely random.

Your webpage should consist of:

  • an HTML document plus an external CSS stylesheet, as well as internal or external JavaScript
  • HTML:
    • headings and paragraphs
    • meaningful use of classes or ids
  • CSS:
    • at least 5 different statements
    • develop a color palette and apply it
  • JavaScript:
    • at least 3 different HTML input sources on the page (button, text entry, etc.)
    • at least 3 JS statements that modify the HTML or CSS in different ways
    • JS is more than or different from what we did in class

Your project will be evaluated on three things: code, creativity, and composition.

  • Code: A successful project includes all required HTML, CSS, and JS elements. The code is functional and well-organized, and comments are used to annotate the stylesheet and script.
  • Creativity: JavaScript is used in interesting and new ways to modify the page. Different HTML, CSS, and JS elements contribute to the theme or topic of the page.
  • Composition: Writing is clear and understandable, and free of major typos or grammatical errors. Page content is organized and layout makes sense. Overall appearance of the webpage is engaging and accessible.

Project evaluation forms (coming soon!)