Your midterm project is to create a webpage using the HTML and CSS techniques we have learned so far. The project is due on Thursday, Feb. 18; you will have class time to work on it Feb. 11 and 16.

The webpage should be an informational one about a web development topic. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: internet security, servers & clients, digital color, history of the internet, web design, history of blogging or social media…take your pick!

Your webpage should consist of:

  • an HTML document plus an external CSS stylesheet
  • HTML elements:
    • headings, paragraphs, hyperlinks (a), and a list (ul, ol) or table
    • images, all with alt text
    • divs with classes or ids
  • CSS:
    • at least 5 different statements
    • develop a color palette and apply it
    • modify margins and/or padding

Your project will be evaluated on three things: code, research, and composition.

  • Code: A successful project includes all required HTML and CSS elements. The code is functional and well-organized, and comments are used to annotate the stylesheet.
  • Research: The information on the webpage is accurate, interesting, and in-depth. It’s clear that you spent some time learning about the topic. Sources are cited and linked, either directly in the content or in a bibliography at the bottom of the page.
  • Composition: Writing is clear and understandable, and free of major typos or grammatical errors. Page content is well-organized and easy to follow. Overall appearance of the webpage is engaging and accessible.

Project evaluation forms